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  ALBANY — A debate over Albany’s ingrained culture of shadowy fund-raising has erupted into open warfare among the state’s Democrats, with three recently elected lawmakers accusing Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of hypocrisy and pay-to-play tactics, and the governor’s senior adviser in turn calling them “idiots,” preceded by a vulgarity.

  The intraparty hostility exploded just days before the state’s April 1 budget deadline, with lobbyists and special interests racing to ensure that their priorities are included in a spending plan expected to exceed 0 billion.

  The flare-up began on Wednesday evening, when the three lawmakers held an impromptu news conference in a Capitol hallway. Senators Alessandra Biaggi and Jessica Ramos, who took office last year by defeating powerful Democratic incumbents, and Yuh-Line Niou, a second-term assemblywoman, said they were outraged by a New York Times article that detailed a mid-March fund-raiser by Mr. Cuomo where entry for a couple cost ,000.

  The article, published hours before the women’s news conference, described how lobbyists and business executives flocked to the event at the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan for face time with him as well with as his budget director, Robert Mujica, who oversees the budget negotiation process.

  During the news conference, Ms. Biaggi called the fund-raiser, which was not advertised on the governor’s public schedule, “exactly what we have come to Albany to change.”

  “Show me another example at another state where there is a governor, during the budget process, raising ,000 a ticket,” she said.

  The women, who share an apartment and have formed an informal coalition of progressive young lawmakers, said the article proved the need for a public financing system for campaigns — a system that Mr. Cuomo has also championed.

  But Ms. Biaggi said that for Mr. Cuomo to make that call while hosting such events was “hypocritical.”

  “It is impossible to say a ,000 ticket is not influencing the decisions,” she said.

  [Read more about the secretive mid-March fund-raiser for Mr. Cuomo.]

  Mr. Cuomo’s office quickly fired back. Richard Azzopardi, a senior adviser to the governor, walked through the Capitol’s press office excoriating the three legislators as “[expletive] idiots.” When a reporter asked if that comment was on the record, Mr. Azzopardi did not hesitate. “Yeah.”

  He pointed out that Ms. Ramos herself had hosted a fund-raiser in Albany on March 6, for between 0 and ,000 per person. Melissa DeRosa, the governor’s top aide, used Twitter on Thursday to accuse Ms. Biaggi of lying when she said she had not held any fund-raisers during the budget season, sharing an invitation to a fund-raiser for Ms. Biaggi on Feb. 28. Admission ranged from 0 to ,500.

  “Hypocrisy is one thing,” Ms. DeRosa wrote. “Willful lying is another.”

  During the news conference, Ms. Ramos acknowledged holding her own fund-raiser, but said she had returned contributions from people whose political beliefs did not align with hers. She also said that she would support a ban on fund-raisers during the budget season, but that she would operate under the current rules until then.

  Mr. Cuomo has defended his fund-raising methods similarly, saying that he would “live within the campaign finance system” until it was changed.

  Ms. Biaggi replied to Ms. DeRosa on Twitter by noting that she had not held a fund-raiser in the capital — the February fund-raiser was in New York City — and that she would “never have a fund-raiser during budget.”

  Budget season is not clearly defined in Albany: Mr. Cuomo delivered his budget address on Jan. 15, and the budget is due on April 1. In between, both legislative chambers release budget proposals and negotiate furiously for their own ends.

  The Senate Democrats’ campaign committee has been actively raising money over the past few months, too: On Wednesday, just before the lawmakers’ news conference, the committee sent supporters an invitation to a “spring reception” on April 18. The reception would be hosted by the Senate majority leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and the requested donations ranged from ,000 to ,000.

  A “labor breakfast” on March 5 had asked for the same amounts, as did a “winter reception” on Jan. 22.

  While Mr. Cuomo’s press team has earned a reputation for aggression, some political observers said the tenor of the response to the women’s remarks stood out.

  “I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen anything on the record from the press office using such vulgar, disrespectful language about men, let alone other elected officials,” said Erica Vladimer, a former legislative aide who has been outspoken against sexual harassment in Albany.

  The governor’s office denied the charge of sexism.

  “These lawmakers criticized the governor for having a fund-raiser while they themselves did the exact same thing,” Dani Lever, Mr. Cuomo’s communications director, said. “That hypocrisy was pointed out, and just because those lawmakers are female doesn’t mean they should be shielded from that. Making this a sexist issue cheapens actual sexism.”

  The month before the budget deadline is by far the busiest period of the legislative session for fund-raisers: In March 2018, lawmakers held at least 77 such events, more than double the number held in the next busiest month, according to data compiled by the New York Public Interest Research Group, a government reform organization.

  At least 29 other states prohibit lobbyists or their clients from making campaign contributions during the legislative session, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Yet in New York, a bill to ban fund-raisers during the session has foundered for nearly two decades.

  Carl E. Heastie, the Assembly speaker, said he did not believe Mr. Cuomo’s fund-raiser, or any budget-time fund-raiser, was inappropriate. He has also expressed skepticism about the feasibility of public financing.

  “We should really just be trying to work together at this point, not point fingers, not try to say that everything in this business is corruptive and corrupted,” he said.

  Legislative leaders reinforced that message privately. On Thursday, Senate leaders asked their members during a meeting to be strategic about their tactics before the budget; the day before, less than 15 minutes after the women’s news conference had concluded, Mr. Heastie pulled Ms. Niou aside.

  Mr. Heastie on Thursday told reporters that his conversation with Ms. Niou “went fine,” as he stressed the importance for lawmakers to remain collegial with one another.

  “I think that also brings a negative view to our constituents, if we’re always saying that every single thing that motivates us is being done because of some corruptive motive,” Mr. Heastie added. “I think it’s a problem.”



  2016生肖运势运程【宁】【知】【意】【回】【黄】【泉】【禁】【地】【已】【经】【有】【一】【段】【时】【间】【了】。 【她】【家】【唯】【一】【的】【娃】【儿】【被】【裹】【进】【了】【天】【渡】【境】,【想】【找】【到】【天】【渡】【境】,【就】【只】【能】【从】【混】【沌】【巨】【魔】【人】【那】【里】【想】【办】【法】,【那】【是】【他】【们】【的】【秘】【地】。 【宁】【家】【老】【祖】【与】【陆】【望】【能】【成】【朋】【友】,【还】【要】【从】【黄】【泉】【禁】【地】【说】【起】,【如】【果】【祖】【宗】【手】【扎】【所】【书】【没】【错】【的】【话】,【混】【沌】【巨】【魔】【人】【的】【其】【中】【一】【处】【休】【养】【之】【所】,【就】【隐】【在】【这】【黄】【泉】【禁】【地】。 【她】【要】【找】【到】【他】【们】,【只】【有】【找】

【此】【时】【的】【徐】【徐】,【眼】【中】【带】【着】【笑】【意】,【他】【看】【着】【徐】【徐】【降】【下】【的】【须】【弥】【山】,【规】【复】【了】【平】【居】【期】【间】【的】【模】【样】。【手】【中】【没】【有】【动】【作】,【像】【是】【认】【命】【一】【般】。 【只】【是】【在】【他】【的】【双】【眼】【以】【前】,【一】【道】【道】【隐】【秘】【的】【气】【力】【在】【徐】【徐】【的】【阐】【扬】,【隐】【秘】【却】【有】【难】【以】【言】【明】。【而】【此】【时】,【徐】【徐】【的】【瞳】【孔】,【在】【临】【光】【阴】,【干】【脆】【盘】【据】【成】【两】【个】,【马】【上】,【扫】【数】【宇】【宙】【都】【暗】【了】【下】【来】。 【如】【同】【黑】【夜】【到】【临】【一】【般】,【扫】【数】【宇】【宙】

【定】【住】【了】?【这】【个】【形】【容】,【怎】【么】【听】【怎】【么】【感】【觉】【自】【己】【像】【孙】【大】【圣】。【白】【出】【落】【满】【头】【黑】【线】,【但】【还】【是】【礼】【貌】【的】【微】【笑】【回】【答】:“【嗯】,【算】【是】【吧】。” 【小】【伙】【计】【立】【刻】【笑】【逐】【颜】【开】,【松】【了】【口】【气】,【拍】【拍】【胸】【脯】:“【这】【次】【真】【是】【多】【谢】【姑】【娘】【了】!【那】【个】,【您】【想】【找】【掌】【柜】【是】【吧】。【真】【不】【凑】【巧】,【掌】【柜】【今】【天】【带】【着】【店】【里】【所】【有】【护】【卫】【一】【起】【外】【出】【找】【小】【主】【子】【去】【了】,【具】【体】【什】【么】【时】【候】【回】【来】【我】【们】【还】【真】【不】【清】【楚】

  “【咻】!” 【瞬】【间】【追】【杀】【到】【塔】【克】【身】【后】【的】【百】【里】【青】【锋】【微】【微】【一】【怔】。 “??” 【看】【着】【吐】【血】【倒】【下】,【口】【中】【无】【意】【识】**【念】【叨】【着】“【魔】【鬼】”【两】【个】【字】,【并】【气】【息】【渐】【渐】【衰】【弱】,【直】【至】【彻】【底】【气】【绝】【身】【亡】【的】【塔】【克】,【他】【一】【时】【间】【居】【然】【没】【有】【回】【过】【神】【来】。 “【死】【了】?” 【百】【里】【青】【锋】【站】【在】【塔】【克】【身】【前】【十】【米】,【满】【是】【愕】【然】:“【你】【们】【足】【足】【六】【位】【高】【手】,【其】【中】【包】【括】【两】【个】【骑】【士】【级】2016生肖运势运程【金】【瑞】【医】【院】【的】【两】【个】【医】【生】,【这】【时】【候】【惊】【讶】【的】【好】【像】【下】【巴】【都】【脱】【臼】【了】【一】【样】,【看】【着】【楼】【下】【关】【振】【海】【和】【李】【医】【生】【的】【施】【救】【过】【程】,【全】【程】【嘴】【巴】【都】【没】【闭】【上】。 “【这】【是】【什】【么】【手】【法】?” “【我】【靠】,【这】【样】【也】【行】?” “【这】【手】【法】【太】【野】【了】【吧】?” “【挖】【槽】,【厉】【害】【了】,【直】【接】【割】【肉】【啊】!【不】【理】【会】【病】【人】【的】【反】【应】【了】【吗】?” “【诶】?【神】【了】?【你】【看】【这】【两】【个】【伤】【员】【的】【生】【命】【体】【征】?

  “【呼】……” 【缓】【缓】【吐】【出】【一】【口】【浊】【气】,【睁】【开】【眼】【睛】。 【唐】【星】【锋】【总】【算】【起】【了】【身】。 【眼】【下】【重】【伤】【之】【躯】,【外】【伤】【倒】【是】【其】【次】,【最】【糟】【糕】【的】【是】【全】【身】【经】【脉】【受】【损】,【花】【了】【两】【个】【时】【辰】,【也】【仅】【仅】【恢】【复】【了】【不】【足】【一】【成】。 【看】【来】,【短】【时】【间】【内】【不】【可】【能】【痊】【愈】,【灵】【气】【还】【是】【无】【法】【调】【动】,【也】【就】【无】【法】【控】【制】【石】【锁】【空】【间】,【放】【出】【老】【牛】,【不】【过】【再】【调】【养】【一】【两】【天】【应】【该】【就】【可】【以】【勉】【强】【做】【到】。

  ‘【轰】’ 【本】【属】【于】【沌】【的】【宝】【塔】,【瞬】【间】【笼】【罩】【在】【梦】【瑶】【琴】【的】【身】【躯】【之】【上】,【可】【是】【终】【究】【是】【晚】【了】【一】【步】。 【而】【这】【一】【步】,【便】【是】【梦】【瑶】【琴】【的】【陨】【落】,【分】【身】,【虽】【然】【依】【然】【有】【肉】【体】,【但】【是】【那】【一】【击】【穿】【透】【胸】【口】,【直】【插】【心】【脏】【的】【利】【刃】,【也】【带】【走】【了】【分】【身】【的】【生】【命】。 “【你】【相】【信】【了】【么】?【呵】【呵】,【可】【惜】,【可】【惜】【晚】【了】。” 【弥】【留】【的】【梦】【瑶】【琴】,【看】【着】【满】【目】【愤】【怒】,【散】【发】【出】【强】【烈】【杀】【气】【的】

  “【够】【了】,【高】【倩】,【算】【我】【看】【错】【你】【了】,【我】【们】【从】【此】【一】【刀】【两】【断】,【以】【后】【你】【走】【你】【的】【阳】【关】【道】,【我】【过】【我】【的】【独】【木】【桥】。”【说】【着】【跑】【出】【人】【群】【只】【是】【那】【滴】【落】【在】【地】【的】【眼】【泪】【是】【如】【此】【的】【毫】【不】【起】【眼】。 “【小】【花】~”【呜】【呜】【呜】~【高】【倩】【见】【小】【花】【离】【开】【并】【没】【有】【去】【追】,【因】【为】【她】【知】【道】【没】【有】【用】,【此】【刻】【的】【高】【倩】【显】【得】【如】【此】【无】【助】,【和】【委】【屈】,【嘈】【杂】【的】【人】【群】【都】【不】【能】【带】【给】【她】【丝】【毫】【的】【安】【全】【感】。 【她】


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